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Dual Mode locomotive project  

On 06.10.2016, Pesa and PKP IC signed a memorandum of understanding for developing a dual mode locomotive (diesel and electric). The project is supported by the NCBiR (National Research and Development Centre) bringing 395.000 euro into the project. Pesa estimates to spend around 1.8 million euro on the project, that will take around 1.5-2 years to complete.

One 4-axle prototype locomotive will be built, with 2.8MW power in electric mode and with a combustion engine of 1.8MW. Its maximum speed will be 160 kph.

Dual Mode locomotive project: news  
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2017-01-13 [PL] Polish locomotive manufacturers receive Innotabor funding
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2016-10-13 [PL] PKP IC fleet strategy update; 40 new locomotives
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2016-10-08 [PL] Pesa receives funding to develop a dual mode locomotive