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PKP IC Gama  

In 2014, Polish rolling stock manufacturer Pesa has won a diesel locomotive tender, issued by PKP IC. In 2015, Pesa delivered ten mainline diesel locomotives, the designated SU160 001-010.

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PKP IC Gama: news  
open news
2015-05-17 [PL] On track: the new Pesa Gama 111Db-002
open news
2015-01-19 [PL] Side by side: Pesa Gama Marathon and Pesa Gama diesel
open news
2014-12-16 [PL] Testing with the diesel Gama
open news
2014-10-03 [EU] Innotrans featuring: Pesa Gama 111Db-001
open news
2014-09-18 [EU] Coming to the InnoTrans: Pesa Gama and Link
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2014-07-30 [PL] First images of the Pesa Gama 111Db prototype
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2014-04-22 [DE] MTU to deliver diesel engines for Pesa Gama 111Db
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2014-03-13 [PL] Pesa Gama 111Db for PKP IC: details
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2014-02-27 [PL] PKP IC orders ten Pesa Gama diesel locomotives
PKP IC Gama: Fleet list  
Pesa 111Db-002 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-001 5 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-003 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-002 5 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-004 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-003 8 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-005 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-004 11 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Pesa 111Db-006 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-005 3 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-007 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-006 8 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-008 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-007 6 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-009 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-008 8 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-010 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-009 6 picture(s) available        
Pesa 111Db-011 2015 Gama 111Db Bo'Bo'-de SU160-010 4 picture(s) available