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RZD 2ES10 -Granit-  
The first locomotive base model of Ural Locomotives is the eight-axle double freight locomotive 2ES10 'Granit' for 3kV DC networks. 221 units of this model have been ordered.

Two different liveries
The first eleven locomotives, the designated 2ES10-001 to 011 were delivered in a two tone grey livery, symbolizing the stone color of granite, referring to the name of the series. Starting with 2ES10-012, the standard red and grey RZD-livery was applied.

Front window
The design of the front window of the 2ES10 was changed when series production started. The 2ES10-001 and 002 have rectangular windows, as of number 003 the new trapezium shape was introduced, more in harmony with the design language of the locomotive.

2ES10-012 sold to OAO Apatit mining company (now 2ES10-222)
Mining company OAO Apatit, located in Apatity, bought one 2ES10 locomotive. It took over unit 012, that was then renumbered as 2ES10-222 in October 2012, being the first available number after the planned RZD-series (221 units on order). For RZD, Ural locomotives built a new unit with number 012.

Source: Railvolution 1/13

RZD 2ES10 -Granit-: news  
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2013-05-26 [RU] Ural Locomotives; Update x2
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2013-03-28 [RU] RZD 2013 locomotive investment program
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2010-10-27 [FR/RU/KZ] Alstom and Transmashholding very succesful in Russia and Kazakhstan
RZD 2ES10 -Granit-: milestones  
11.2010 2ES10-001 outshopped
04.03.2011 2ES10-001 dispatched to VNIIZhT test center
07.04.2011 2ES10-002 to Yekaterinburg for 5000 km acceptance test
15.04.2011 2ES10-002 hauls record train (7000t)
04.08.2011 2ES10-002 + one section of 2ES10-001 hauls record train (9000t) over the Ural
09.2011 service production with 2ES10-003 starts
12.2011 First eleven units in service
12.2011 First eleven units in service
11.2012 36 units in service

Source: Railvolution 1/13