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RushRail 185  

In May 2012, investor Bure ordered seven TRAXX F140AC2 locomotives for services in Norway and Sweden, to be operated by Rush Rail. Only six months later, Bombardier could hand over the first machines to Rush Rail.

RushRail in short
RushRail is a railway company and a train operator approved by the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen). The company was founded in the mid 2000s but started its train operator business at the end of 2010. Since 2010, RushRail has delivered rail transport services to Intercontainer Scandinavia AB and Infranord AB. In April, RushRail won a multi-year transport contract from Trätåg AB. Trätåg AB is a logistics company owned by Stora Enso and Korsnäs. Its purpose is to handle rail transport of forest produce, timber, pulpwood and biofuel. In an efficient and environmentally friendly manner RushRail will provide rail transport, transport of timber and other forest produce from Stora Enso and Korsnäs’s timber terminals to their production sites throughout central Sweden.

RushRail 185: news  
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2016-12-19 [SE] Hector Rail takes over Trätåg contract from insolvent Rush Rail
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2016-12-12 [SE] Rush Rail re-organization fails: company files for bankruptcy
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2016-09-30 [SE] Rush Rail locomotives collide at Molkom
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2012-12-08 [SE] All names assigned to the Rush Rail locomotives
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2012-11-15 [DE/SE] He ho he ho, there they go. [Rush Rail 185 412/413/414]
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2012-11-06 [SE] Doc and Bashful in Sweden
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2012-10-28 [DE/SE] Rush Rail and the seven dwarfs
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2012-09-25 [SE/NO] First Rush Rail TRAXX completed
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2012-05-12 [SE] Bombardier official press statement on the Bure/RushRail Traxx order..
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2012-05-10 [SE] RushRail to recieve SEVEN Traxx F140 AC2 locomotives
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2012-05-09 [SE] Bure invests in RushRail and acquires state-of-the-art locomotives
Bure / Rush Rail 185: livery  
RushRail 185: select your locomotive  
Bombardier 34977 2012 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 410-9 4 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34987 2012 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 411-7 5 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Bombardier 34988 2012 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 412-5 5 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Bombardier 34989 2012 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 413-2 6 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34990 2012 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 414-0 7 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34991 2012 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 415-8 5 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34992 2012 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 416-6 9 picture(s) available