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CAF Bitrac for Fesur  

In October 2007, the Spanish manufacturer Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (CAF) published some first information on a new locomotive concept: the Bitrac. The Bitrac is a two-engine diesel-locomotive with additional equipment to run on 3kV DC catenary systems. Like many other locomotive solutions, the Bitrac was presented as a flexible platform. CAF published information on two basic versions; a four axle locomotive with 300 kN starting traction effort and a six axle version with 440 kN. Of course, the final specifications of Bitrac-products depend on what the market requires.

First customer for the Bitrac was Ferrocarriles del Suroeste SA (Fesur) from Spain. It was an open access operator, founded in 2007. Both Grupo Alfonso Gallardo and Gea21 own 50% of the shares. Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz) is the home base of Fesur. In 2008 it got a license to operate its own rail services. CAF built nine Bitrac BITRAC CC35600 for Fesur.

The homologation of the Bitrac locomoties was directed by rail operator Comsa. ADIF, the Spanish rail authority granted the Bitrac with a full approval in 2010. Early 2011, CAF delivered all nine machines to Fesur, but the company never operated them (see news for more information). All machines were returned to CAF, the last six of them arriving there on 21.02.2012. CVS (Compañía de Vagones del Sur) should have delivered 400 freight waggons to Fesur, but this contract was terminated too.

CAF Bitrac: news  
open news
2016-06-07 [ES] Comsa starts Bitrac operation between Aranda de Duero - Bilbao
open news
2013-06-18 [ES] Dual Mode, electric and the Pajares Pass
open news
2012-03-20 [ES] Comsa and its Bitrac
open news
2012-03-06 [ES] Comsa operates Bitrac locomotive [updated]
open news
2012-02-28 [ES] Spanish Dual Modes suffer from the economical crisis
open news
2009-10-13 [ES] pictures of the CAF Bitrac dual-mode locomotive
open news
2007-10-18 [ES] CAF developes new Bitrac locomotive concept for Fesur
CAF Bitrac: Production list  
CAF ? 2009 BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-001-1          
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-002-9 1 picture(s) available        
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-003-7          
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-004-5 1 picture(s) available        
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-005-2 1 picture(s) available        
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-006-0 10 picture(s) available        
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-007-8          
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-008-6 4 picture(s) available        
CAF ? 200x BITRAC CC35600 Co'Co'-el 95-71-0-601-009-4 2 picture(s) available