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Europorte E37500  
Europorte, operator from France, acquired all 'French' activities of Veolia Cargo in 2009. They also took over six Prima electrics from the Veolia fleet.

Alstom CON 001 2006 Prima EL3U Bo'Bo'-el E 37501 23 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Alstom CON 002 2006 Prima EL3U Bo'Bo'-el E 37502 20 picture(s) available        
Alstom CON 003 2006 Prima EL3U Bo'Bo'-el E 37503 16 picture(s) available        
Alstom CON 004 2006 Prima EL3U Bo'Bo'-el E 37504 15 picture(s) available        
Alstom CON 005 2006 Prima EL3U Bo'Bo'-el E 37505 21 picture(s) available        
Alstom CON 009 2008 Prima EL3U Bo'Bo'-el E 37509 17 picture(s) available        
Europorte E37500: news  
open news
2016-11-18 [UK] EQT Infrastructure II: acquisition of GB Railfreight from Groupe EuroTunnel completed
open news
2012-06-03 [FR] Alstom to maintain Europorte Prima fleet [updated]
open news
2010-03-18 [FR] Europorte rebranding
open news
2010-02-12 [EU] Europorte and Captrain... [updated x2]
open news
2010-01-31 [FR] Europorte presents its new corporate structure/identity..