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Akiem TRAXX AC2  

In 2007 Veolia Transport ordered nine Traxx units, with an option for twelve more. Of those nine units, three are configured as AC2 machines, to be used in Germany and Austria. In December 2008, 185 598 was the first to make a public appearance. After its maiden run the machine was stored around Kassel for almost a year. In October 2009 it was finally delivered to Veolia Cargo SAS in Nanterre. During that same month, unit 2 and 3 were completed, designated as 185 649 and 650. They were delivered to Veolia in November 2009.

At the end of 2009, Veolia sold its Cargo activities to SNCF and EuroTunnel. Veolia Cargo SAS was now property of SNCF and was renamed VC Holding. VC Holding was integrated in Akiem leasing per 01.01.2012. The three Traxx F140AC2 locomotives are primarily used by ITL from Dresden, the German operator also part of the SNCF concern.

In 2016 all three locomotives got the lime/light grey Captrain livery.

Akiem TRAXX AC2: news  
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2017-01-11 [DE] Akiem acquires German company mgw Service to expand its maintenance offering in Europe
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2016-11-09 [DE] Captrainized: 185 650
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2016-09-26 [DE] Akiem 185 649 in Captrain design
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2016-03-09 [DE] Captrain colors slowly uniting the fleet
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2016-02-08 [DE/FR] Deutsche AM acquires a 50% stake in Akiem
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2010-09-28 [FR/DE] the Akiem fleet, a complete overview (edit)
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2009-11-02 [DE] Veolia Traxx AC2 units [update]
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2009-10-24 [DE] Veolia 185 598 in revenue service
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2009-05-20 [FR] About AKIEM
Akiem TRAXX AC2: Fleet list  
Bombardier 34265 2008 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 598-0 38 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Bombardier 34706 2009 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 649-1 52 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Bombardier 34695 2009 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 650-9 38 picture(s) available   revision data available