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mgw service 185.2  
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In October 2008, mgw Services ordered its second electric locomotive, being a Traxx AC2 machine. Unlike the first one, Siemens 21315 - mgw 183 500 that is only homolgated for Germany and Austria, this unit had to serve mgw customers in Sweden and Norway.

The blue painted locomotive was built during the summer of 2009 and was first spotted outside that factory in August 2009. During the following months the unit visited Siemens test-center in Wegberg-Wildenrath. On 25.11.2009 it was delivered to mgw and on 29.11.2009 the 185 642 designated machine arrived in Hallsberg, Sweden, where it is stationed since then. First operator to hire the 642 was the Swedish department of TX Logistik.

1 locomotive
order date __.10.2008
delivered 25.11.2009
> designation 185 642
homologated for Sweden/Norway and Germany/Austria
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Bombardier official website:
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open news
2017-01-11 [DE] Akiem acquires German company mgw Service to expand its maintenance offering in Europe
open news
2013-02-23 [SE] mgw 185 642 again in Sweden
open news
2011-12-06 [DE] mgw 185 642 stays in Central Europe (for now)
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2011-12-01 [DE/SE] mgw 185 642 back in business after derailing in Örnsöldsvik [updated]
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2009-11-30 [SE] mgw 185 642 arrived in Sweden
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2009-08-20 [DE] 185 642 for mgw outshopped
open news
2008-11-25 [DE] mgw Services has one Traxx on order
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Bombardier 34689 2009 TRAXX F140 AC2 Bo'Bo'-el 185 642-6 35 picture(s) available   revision data available    
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