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MTEG 189  
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MTEG 189 series
In February 2008, the MTEG (Muldental Eisenbahnverkehrge- sellschaft mbH) ordered one Siemens ES 64 F4 locomotive, to operate cross-border freight services with in Germany, Poland and Austria.

The Purple-red painted unit, designated 189 800, completed its first trial run on 03.12.2008. On 18.12.2008 it left the Siemens factories in Munich-Allach. On 23.12.2008 the machine was officially presented in Meerane (D) and carries the name of this German city since then. The 189 800 has the Class189-VH-2 configuration.

The first months of 2009 were used to configure the machine, for which it visited Poland and Siemens test-center Wegberg-Wildenrath. Finally, on 11.08.2009, the machine had its first commercial run.

1 locomotive
order date xx.02.2008
delivered 18.12.2008
homologated for Germany, Austria, Poland
operator official website:
Siemens official website:
MTEG 189: news  
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