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in short
1st order
In order to replace the well known Dm3 on the Ironline Kiruna-Narvik, a new locomotive was ordered in 1998 at ADtranz; the IORE H80AC. IORE stand for Iron Ore, the material the machines predominantly transport. One unit is composed out of two identical, fully-fledged singlecab Co'Co' locomotives coupled back-to-back permanently. They have one GTO frequency converter mounted per bogie. From the beginning the IORE locomotives were planned to be ballasted at 360 t: to be done 2006 after track reinforcement.

First pair was delivered in 2000 by ADtranz. The second pair, and following, were delivered after the company was taken-over by Bombardier transportation. The normal speed with a loaded train is 60 km/h. A IORE unit can haul up to 8400t trains. Compare this with the good old Dm3; 5200t.

In August 2007, the demand for iron ore was still increasing, making MTAB decide to order 4 additional pairs of locomotives, delivered in 2009 and 2010.

In april 2011, MTAB/LKAB decided to order another four double-locomotives. With these units the company wants to increase its transport capacity to 20 daily trains instead of the current 15 trains on the Malmbanan.

Our thanks goes out to Jean-Marc Allenbach, author of this section.

9x2 locomotives
order date __.__.1999
delivery period 2000 - 2004
> designation 101/102-117/118
2nd order
4x2 locomotives
order date __.08.2007
delivery period 10.2009 - 08.2010
> designation 119/120 - 125/126
3rd order
4x2 locomotives
publication date order 28.04.2011
delivery period 05.2013 - 02.2014
> designation 127/128 - 133/134
technical details (for a two-unit set)
AC system / mono-tension; 15kVAC catenary only
12 axles / Co'Co' + Co'Co' wheel-arrangement
weight: 180+180 t
Nose suspended motors
continous power rating: 2x5.400kW
top speed: 80 kph
Continuous effort: 2x600 kN at 32,4 km/h
Length: 45,81 m
approved for MTAB only
operator official website:
Bombardier official website:
MTAB IORE: news  
open news
2014-01-02 [SE] IORE 134 arriving in Kiruna
open news
2013-12-11 [DE/SE] The last IORE locomotive leaving Kassel
open news
2013-11-05 [DE] IORE no.133 leaves Kassel
open news
2013-10-11 [NO/SE] Success of the Bombardier IORE locomotive continued
open news
2013-09-19 [DE/DK/SE] Transfer of IORE 132
open news
2013-09-07 [DE/SE] IORE update
open news
2013-03-27 [DE/SE] IORE 129 almost finished
open news
2012-12-19 [SE] IORE: new batch of locomotives, a new set of names
open news
2012-11-21 [DE/SE/NO] IORE 127 arrives in Kiruna
open news
2012-10-23 [DE/SE/NO] IORE batch 3 under delivery
open news
2012-06-26 [SE] new logos for IORE locomotives
open news
2011-04-28 [SE] Four extra IORE locomotives for LKAB
open news
2010-08-14 [SE] Delivery of new IORE locomotives completed
open news
2009-12-24 [SE] IORE 119/120 named
open news
2009-12-04 [SE] update about IORE locomotives
open news
2009-11-13 [SE] IORE 120 leaves Kassel
open news
2009-10-24 [DE] first MTAB IORE unit (2nd batch) ready for transport (update)
MTAB IORE: detailed information  
It is possible to disconnect two locomotives in about five minutes. From a driving cab, it is possible to control up to six units (also odd numbers!), the direction of others driving cabs has no relevance. In tractive mode, the driver can choose out of 41 different pseudosteps. At low speed the steps have a constant effort and up to about 16 km/h a constant power. The use of such a control mode is easier for heavy trains as control with effort reference. At very low speed during a short time, the driver can ask for a "42th" step at 700 kN for each unit.

The software allows a quiet transition between two steps. In braking mode, the driver has 30 steps at constant effort for a loaded train and 10 for an empty one. When hauling an iron ore train, fitted with with automatic couplings, the locomotives have their rigid buffers in retracted position, but for hauling conventional trains (max. 600 t), buffers can be replaced and an adapter for UIC-coupler can be installed in a very short time.

MTAB IORE: 2nd batch  
On 20.10.2009, the first locomotive of the second batch (no.119) was outshopped in Kassel and send on its way to Sweden. It arrived there three days later. The convoy consists of the locomotive (on temporary, lighter, bogies, so maximum axle weights during transport is not exceeded) and two carriages with the two final bogies. Locomotive and bogies will marry after their arrival in Sweden.

On 13.11.2009, the second unit (no.120) left Kassel, arriving on 17.11.2009. At that moment, unit 119 was almost completed, as the final assembly work on these locomotives is done locally in the work shops of Kiruna. Things that still need to be done after a units arrives in Sweden: replacing the transport bogies by motor bogies, placing ballast weight in the engine room, installing exterior details such as snowplough, hand rails, mirrors. The transformers get covered and an energy meter is installed. Then of course testing and final commissioning still has to be done.

On 26.01.2010, Klas Wahlberg (president of Bombardier Transportation AB) officially handed over the 119-120 to LKAB/MTAB, represented by its chief logictics, Goran Heikkilä.

On 13.08.2010, IORE 126 left Kassel, heading for Sweden, being the last one of its batch.

MTAB IORE: names and logos  
All IORE units have their own name and logo. An overview:

101/102 Polcirkeln/ Malmberget
103/104 Lulea/Gällivare
105/106 Narvik/Kiruna
107/108 Svappavaare/Torneträsk
109/110 Abisko/Björkliden
111/112 Katterat/Vassijaure
113/114 Bergfors/Rautas
115/116 Stenbacken/Stordalen
117/118 Boden/Murjek
119/120 Koskullskulle/Kaisepakte
121/122 Rombak/Råtsi
123/124 Riksgränsen/Kaitum
125/126 Sjisjka/Sandskär
127/128 Bjørnfjell/Krokvik
129/130 Nattavaara/Mertainen
131/132 Straumsnes/Rensjön
133/134 Kopparåsen/Notviken
MTAB IORE: Select your Locomotive:  
Adtranz 33829 2000 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 101 9 picture(s) available        
Adtranz 33830 2000 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 102 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33899 2001 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 103 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33900 2001 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 104 7 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33901 2001 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 105 7 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33902 2001 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 106 8 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33903 2002 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 107 5 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33904 2002 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 108 7 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33905 2002 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 109 8 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33906 2002 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 110 6 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33907 2002 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 111 2 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33908 2002 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 112 4 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33909 2003 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 113 8 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33910 2003 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 114 6 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33911 2004 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 115 7 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33912 2004 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 116 5 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33913 2004 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 117 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 33914 2004 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 118 5 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34845 2009 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 119 6 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34846 2009 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 120 11 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34847 2010 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 121 6 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34848 2010 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 122 8 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34849 2010 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 123 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34850 2010 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 124 9 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34851 2010 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 125 11 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 34852 2010 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 126 14 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35020 2012 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 127 5 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35021 2012 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 128 8 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35022 2013 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 129 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35023 2013 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 130 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35024 2013 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 131 3 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35025 2013 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 132 8 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35026 2013 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 133 11 picture(s) available        
Bombardier 35027 2013 TRAXX H80 AC Co'Co'-el IORE 134 5 picture(s) available