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LTE 1216  
in short
LTE 1216 series
LTE, freight transport subsidiary of the Graz-Koflacher Bahn (GKB) from Austria, got one 1216 series locomotive in 2008, the blue and silver painted 1216 910. Is was commonly ordered with three identical machines for Adria-Transport (1216 920-922), another freight operator in which the GKB has its share. Per January 2010, the 910 is equipped with the Mirel signalling system so that machine can be used for services into Hungary.
1 locomotive
LTE designation 1216 910
order date xx.2007
delivery period 06.2008
ES 64 U4-B configuration
operator official website:
Siemens official website:
LTE 1216: news  
open news
2014-12-04 [AT] New stickers for LTE 1216 910
open news
2010-02-10 [HU] two ES 64 U4s homologated fur Hungary
open news
2008-05-30 [AT] LTE 1216 910 has its maiden run today
open news
2008-02-23 [AT] LTE and AdriaTransport 1216 series
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