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How to upload?  
As you can see, has fresh pictures everyday. Most of these images come from our fans, our visitors, and may come from you! This page explains how you can contribute to this site by uploading your own images at

Quality requirements for pictures:
All images contributed will be checked by our team to determine if they meet the minimum quality standards regarding clarity, brightness, color, sharpness, noise etc. Locomotives should also be shown completely. Photos in which buffers or pantographs are cut off will not be accepted. Nevertheless, this site is about being complete and up to date, therefore for breaking news items our quality standards take second place, this includes images of very rare liveries or special occasions.

Our system only accepts .jpg images. Minimum width is 750 pixels, minimum height is 500 pixels. If it is possible for you, it would be very nice if your images already have the exact 750x500 resolution, that makes it easy for us to add the image to the system.

We can only add pictures to our website of which the motive fits onto the 3:2 landscape image ratio. Also, an image of a locomotive front of for example 800 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high, can not be added.

Before you upload a picture, first check the gallery of that unit to see what's already there. Ask yourself if your picture really adds something new to the website.