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Bombardier 185 568  
in short

On April 11th 2006, a shiny new Traxx locomotive appeared in the Netherlands for doing trails on the also brand new High Speed Line (HSL) between Rotterdam and the Dutch/Belgian border. Before it could perform, it was transported to Utrecht, where it was equipped with necessary equipment to record its test results. Since then it had ETCS signalling systems for static and dynamic trials and finally was spare locomotive in the homologation program of the Hector Rail 241 series in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Finally it was sold to Hector Rail, delivered to Sweden in January 2008.

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Bombardier 185 568: General history  
Between April 18th and 28th the machine completed various trials on the southern part of the HSL in Holland. A good report on these runs can be found here. They were the basis for starting the homologation process of the Traxx platform for the HSL and in the Netherlands, which was desired as Bombardier wanted to deliver Traxx 2E locomotives to Angel Trains Cargo for services on this line between Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Although these E186 designated machines represent a different subtype (Traxx2E F160MS), the 568 (Traxx2 F140AC2) could function as first representative of its future relatives. During its trials, the 568, being painted in silver with grey rooftops, carried large dark red coloured adhesives promoting the activities of Bombardier on the High Speed Line. When everything was done in Holland, the machine was sent back to Germany where it disappeared for quite some time. Then there were rumours that it was sold to Mitsui leasing, but this information proved to be false.

From August to December 2006 the 568 stayed inside the Bombardier workshops in Mannheim where it got the European ETCS signalling system and static tests were performed, being an demonstrator for the future E186 series. For dynamic trials with ETCS (that includes the German PZB/LZB systems) the 568 went on various journeys throughout Germany. In order to complete the required thousands of kilometres, the 568 was given to the Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG (OHE), that exploited it for commercial services in June and July 2007. All this time the machine still got its silver livery and the HSL promotion adhesives! In the mean time sufficient E186 series machines were available and the 568 could be retrofitted again to a normal 185.2 series machine. It got repainted in orange and grey, the corporate colours for Hector Rail, the open access rail operator from Sweden. It proved to be sold and will serve the Swedish operator as 241 002 starting in January 2008. Up till then the temporary 185 568 numbered machine was available for additional trials necessary for the homologation program for the new Hector Rail 241 series in Germany, Denmark and Sweden, which was completed at the end of 2007.