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Bombardier 185 561  
in short

In May 2004 the very first two representatives of the latest Traxx 2 platform had their ceremonial roll-out at Kassel in Germany. Next to the Re484 001 for SBB Cargo, a second, less striking painted machines was present that day; a blue and silver painted machine, numbered 186 561. We are talking about the very first F140AC2 here, that was sent out 7 months before the production line for the AC electrics for DB Schenker would change from Traxx 1 onto Traxx 2 platform. To make sure this would not interrupt the ongoing delivery, 185 561 had to accomplish a clear task, get to new platform up and running and homologated for Germany.

185 561 however was not able to fulfil its purpose, as it broke down seriously rather soon after delivery. After having paid its first visits to Germany, Austria and Switzerland it had to return to Kassel for repairs and did not return as demonstrator anymore before 2005. The delivery of the DB Schenker 185.2 series did suffer from some months delay.
185 561 re-appeared at 22.06.2005, looking very different, but also very familiar. In the mean time it was repainted in the corporate colours of SBB Cargo, in red and blue, with the well-known large white Cargo adhesives. It proved to be sold to this Swiss operator, being the first of the final batch of 15 machines, that still had to be delivered. The 035 was then used for homologation of Traxx 2 platform for Switzerland, and finally delivered to SBB Cargo in August 2005.
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