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locomotives for alternating currents voltage systems - AC  
Since 2000 Bombardier is building 185 series locomotives for DB Schenker. 400 machines representing the AC sub type were ordered in the late 90s. This means that since then there is a continue assembly line and production schedule for these machines. Similar machines ordered by other customers are built on the same line, which is most efficient.

When the order was placed, DB Schenker and Bombardier agreed on one technical update of the 185 concept half way its production. This was done because during such a long production period, technical standards keep on changing and new innovations get ready for production.

In January 2005 the 185 series production line was adjusted for migration from Traxx 1 to Traxx 2 platform machines. 185 200 is the last one to represent the 185 series, 185 201 is the first technically updated 185.2 series for DB Schenker. Consequently all other products for other customers had to go along with this change.

In 2006 however, Bombardier already introduced an improved version of the Traxx 2 platform, the Traxx 2E platform, as already discussed on the main page of this section. However, the 185.2 series for DB Schenker, with almost 50 machines a year, was still the backbone of the assembly line in Kassel and updating it again was contractually not possible. Also, until 2009, Bombardier has to maintain the Traxx 2 production line for AC machines. Other customers that order AC machines will automatically get Traxx 2 platform machines, as it is cheaper to retrieve them form the DB Schenker production line, than to set-up an alternative Traxx 2E AC assembly line next to it.

There will be no Traxx 2E AC locomotives before 2010, the All in One family remains incomplete for now.