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Veolia Cargo TRAXX MS2e  
in short
order details
A curios story so far is the history of Traxx F140 MS locomotives for Veolia Transport. In 2007 the company ordered nine units, with an option for twelve more. Of these nine machines, six would be built as MS locomotives. In September and October 2008 the first two locomotives, 186 181 and 182, were completed and left the factory for their maiden run. Both had the DE/AT/BE/NL configuration.

In June 2009, Bombardier built another three Traxx MS units for Veolia, the designated 186 184, 185 and 186. They were not delivered either.

6 locomotives
only 5 have been built with the Veolia paint scheme
order date 13.11.2007
delivery period : none of these units have been delivered to Veolia and Bombardier had to find alternative clients and purposes for them. 186 181-182 were sold to Railpool, the 186 184-186 are now property of AKIEM leasing.
designation 186 181-182 / 184-186
homologation: DE/AT/BE/NL / DE/BE/FR
the order also included three Traxx F140 AC2 units, which were accepted by Veolia.
operator official website:
Bombardier official website:
Veolia Cargo TRAXX MS2e: news  
open news
2010-07-20 [DE/FR] Traxx MS for AKIEM
open news
2010-01-31 [DE/FR] Veolia coloured 186s are still alive...
open news
2009-11-20 [DE/BE] Traxx varia
open news
2009-06-25 [DE] from Kassel
open news
2008-12-21 [DE/NL] 186 182 with logo
open news
2008-12-18 [NL] 186 181 and 182 approved for the Netherlands
open news
2008-11-02 [DE] ITL E 186 181 and 182!
open news
2008-10-15 [EU] Veolia 186: three configurations
open news
2008-10-09 [DE] first Veolia 186 on the run / 185 621 CargoNet (update)
Veolia Cargo TRAXX MS2e: unit 181 and 182 to Railpool  
Check the Railpool E 186 section for more information.

However, the 181 and 182 were not handed over to Veolia, reason unknown. Bombardier decided to hire them to operator ITL, that used both engines for services in Germany and the Netherlands. The Veolia logos were covered with grey vinyls and some ITL logos were put on. This situation lasted until 30.06.2009, then ITL returned both engines to Bombardier.

From July to October 2009 Bombardier used the 181-182 for its own activities. Both were regular visitors of the Hennigsdorfer test tracks, serving as dead weight or as transporter of for example new Talent2 train sets. The Veolia logos did not return anymore...

Then in November 2009, both units were called back to Kassel. They got a complete repaint and were then outshopped in the colors of leasing company Railpool.

Veolia Cargo TRAXX MS2e: unit 184-186 to Akiem  
Check the VC / Akiem E 186 section for more information.

In the summer of 2009, Bombardier completed unit no.3, 4 and 5 for Veolia, curiously numbered as 186 184-186. An 186 183 never existed as far as we know. These three units have a different confugration compared with the 181-182. These three can run to Belgium and France. After completion, all three were parked around Kassel. In December 2009 all three could be found at Kassel Rangierbahnhof, together with CBRail 186 136, 137 and 139. In 2010 some of these locomotives were used for trials or transport. For that, the 184 and 185 got their Veolia logos removed. In May 2010, the 184 and 185 were both called back to the paint shops of Bombardier in Kassel where they got a complete new silver livery, with white fronts. On 20.07.2010, they both left Kassel with AKIEM logos, their new employer. The move from Veolia to AKIEM is not so strange. The non-French activities of Veolia were purchased by SNCF, and AKIEM is also part of SNCF concern.

26.07.2010, unit 186 186 was transported to the paint shop of Bombardier in Kassel and with that the Veolia E186 was history. All units where used for various trials in and around Kassel, Hennigsdorf and the French-German border region in 2010 and 2011.

E186 185 was the first to be used for regular services. Akiem rented it out to ITL starting in the last week of january 2011.

Veolia Cargo TRAXX MS2e: Fleet list  
Bombardier 34411 2008 TRAXX F140 MS Bo'Bo'-el E 186 181-4 67 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Bombardier 34412 2008 TRAXX F140 MS Bo'Bo'-el E 186 182-2 66 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Bombardier 34463 2009 TRAXX F140 MS Bo'Bo'-el E 186 184-8 32 picture(s) available   revision data available graphics available  
Bombardier 34464 2009 TRAXX F140 MS Bo'Bo'-el E 186 185-5 34 picture(s) available   revision data available    
Bombardier 34470 2009 TRAXX F140 MS Bo'Bo'-el E 186 186-3 20 picture(s) available   revision data available