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Alstom Prima Demonstrator  

in short
In order to find out what would be the ideal modular configuration for the new Prima platform based electrics, Alstom decided in 2001 to built an experimental locomotive on own expense. Because of its experimental character, the engine is nowhere the same, different door, window and equipment configurations all around. This engine ran on public tracks for a very short time, because after the necessary tests and evaluations it became obsolete. Findings were used to develop the final version of the BB 27000 and BB 37000 series electrics for the French national railways'freight division, SNCF Fret. This unit had to give away all components which could be re-used in the production of these series. I therefore has to miss out on most electric components, its bogies and roof-installations. What is left is a more or less empty body. In May 2008 the prototype was a static object near the entrance of the Alstom Belfort factory for locomotives. In October 2012 is was not at its place anymore.

It's bottom is now covered with plating telling us the general technical parameters of the Prima I platform locomotives, both in French and English. We do not have much statistical or technical information about this machine. It was a 1:1 scale prototype, refitted and adjusted many times, so it is in fact not possible to determine any fixed technical property.

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