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Traxx 2E platform  

With the roll-out of E483 001 in August 2006, the very first representative of the improved Traxx 2 platform was presented. The main argument to develop the Traxx 2E platform was to make it possible to integrate a locomotive with diesel-electric propulsion into the family, and to increase modularity in general once more. Bombardier finally achieved to develop one platform based on the four main pillars: DC electrics, AC electrics, multi system electrics and diesel electric locomotives. The one 4 all concept was presented at the Innotrans 2006 international railway fair in Berlin. At the Bombardier stand the very first MS and DE locomotive were present, to illustrate the possibilities the Traxx 2E has to offer. It is unique that a four system electric and a diesel-electric locomotive have 70 percent of their parts in common. The looks of the Traxx 2E platform resembles that of the original Traxx 2 platform. Diesel-electrics are easy to identify as Traxx 2E, but for the electrics one has to look for small details, like the segmented sides of the body, or the additional opening which can be used as filling hole.

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technical data
product description
asynchrone electrical locomotive
diesel-electric locom.
production period
since 2006
loading gauge
UIC 505-1
track gauge
1435 mm/1668 mm*
traction converter
water/glycol-cooled, IGBT-technology
number of axles
axle configuration
82 t
81 t
85 t
80 t
axle load
20,50 t
20,25 t
21,25 t
20 t
length of buffers
18.900 mm
maximum width
2.977 mm
height (cabin roof top)
3.845 mm
4.264 mm
wheel base (bogie)
2.600 mm
wheel diameter
max. 1250 / min. 1170 mm
line voltage
15/25kV AC
3kV DC
15/25kV AC + 1,5/3kV DC
140-200 kph**
140-160 kph**
duration power rating
5.600 kW***
2.200 kW****
tractive effort
300 kN
270 kN
braking effort
240 kN
240 kN
* Renfe S/253 series have 1.668 mm track gauge
** propulsion with nose suspended motors: 140 kph; hollow shaft propulsion: 160/200 kph
*** power at wheel rim, 4.000 kW under 1,5kV DC catenary
**** engine output