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CFI Vectron  
The Italian private railway operator Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana S.p.A. (CFI) has awarded Siemens a contract for two Vectron DC locomotives. It is the first order from Italy for Vectron with a shunting module and the second order placed at Siemens by CFI. The vehicles will be built at the Siemens plant in Munich-Allach and delivered to the customer in the second half of 2014.

With a driving power of 5.2 megawatt Vectron DC operates at a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour. The contract awarded by CFI is the first which Siemens has received for its Vectron DC locomotives with shunting module. CFI is one of the most experienced and emerging companies for freight traffic in Italy and is already a Siemens customer having ordered two ES64U4 locomotives in 2011 (Railcolor: E190 321 and 322, see second picture).

The Vectron fleet has already traveled more than two million kilometers. Siemens was already able to sell more than 130 Vectron locos to nine international customers so far. The biggest order (80 locomotives Vectron AC) has been placed by Finnish Railways VR just recently – those also being equipped with shunting modules.

The Vectron locomotives are based on a technical platform. This concept enables Siemens to design and manufacture vehicle variants such as single system or multi system locomotives according to customer-specific requirements within a short time. The locomotives are prepared for implementation of a shunting module, which can be added in a second step. The shunting module allows for operation on non-electrified track sections (“last mile operation”). - Siemens

CFI Vectron: news  
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2017-04-04 [IT] CFI 191 009 and 010: New and with logos now [editx2]
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2016-09-02 [IT] Italian operator CFI orders two more Vectron locomotives
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2016-02-25 [IT] CFI 191 012 with logos
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2016-01-22 [IT] CFI 191 011 just got logos [new image]
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2015-10-27 [IT] First renevue service with a Vectron in Italy
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2015-10-24 [IT] Italy Vectron update; 191 004 is new
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2015-10-21 [IT] Siemens hands over Vectron locomotives to CFI [updated]
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2015-07-13 [IT] Vectron DC officially homologated for Italy
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2015-06-14 [DE/AT/IT] Vectron transport weekend: 191 011 and 012 for CFI leave Munich [updated]
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2014-04-25 [IT] CFI Vectron news (191 031 and 032)
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2014-04-14 [DE/IT] CFI 191 004 already completed
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2014-02-14 [IT] Vectron 191 001 is moving, 189 823 hired to CFI [update]
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2014-02-11 [IT] CFI orders two Vectron locos with shunting module
CFI Vectron: Fleet list  
Siemens 22181 2016 Vectron DC Bo'Bo'-el 191 009          
Siemens 22182 2016 Vectron DC Bo'Bo'-el 191 010 2 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21906 2014 Vectron DC Bo'Bo'-el 191 011 10 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21909 2014 Vectron DC Bo'Bo'-el 191 012 10 picture(s) available