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CP LE 4700  
in short
1st order
In 2006 the Portuguese national railways decided to order a new medium power electric locomotive for mixed services. Siemens got the order for fifteen locomotives, plus ten units as option. It was the second time, the Portuguese railways selected Siemens, as the German manufacturer also built the LE5600 series back in the nineties.

The design of the LE 4700 series is based on a downgraded version of the ES64U4 platform. Downgraded as it only has 4600 kW duration power and compatible with 3kV DC and 25kV AC voltage systems. It has Iberian gauge bogies. It was the first EuroSprinter with a drivers' cab design, compliant with the latest safety standards. Later on, it was also used for the Belgian HLE18 series and for the Vectron base platform. The CP designed the new livery for the LE4700, red and white including large abstracted CP logos.

First artist impressions of the future LE4700 appreared in 2006, followed by wooden models. First good pictures emerged in March 2008.

Siemens built the first three locomotives in Munich at the end of 2007, which were then transported to Portugal. All other machines were delivered as kits to Emef in Portugal, which assembled them, during 2008 and 2009. In 2007 the CP decided to order the optionally ten units, which were also delivered in 2009.

15 locomotives
order date 10.01.2006
delivery period 07.2008 - 02.2009
homologated for Portugal only, 1668 mm Iberian gauge
> designation 4701-4715
2nd order
10 locomotives
order date __.02.2007
delivery period: __.2009 - __.2009.
homologated for Portugal only, 1668 mm Iberian gauge
> designation 4716-4725
operator official website:
Siemens official website:
CP LE4700: news  
open news
2010-12-07 [PT] new livery for Portuguese LE4700 series
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2009-03-24 [PT] CP 4700 series is running!
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2009-01-04 [PT] LE4710
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2008-09-08 [PT] CPs 4700 in the picture
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2008-07-30 [PT/DE] delivery of the CP Le4700 series, an update
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2008-05-10 [PT] pictures of Portuguese LE4701 and LE4702
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2008-04-18 [PT] more Le4700s in Portugal
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2008-03-20 [PT] more pictures of CP LE 4701
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2008-03-19 [PT] first good picture of CP LE 4701!
open news
2008-03-14 [PT] first LE4700 will start trials next week!
open news
2008-02-26 [PT] first EuroSprinter for Portugal arrived at Entroncamento!
CP LE 4700: General history  
Already back in 2006 the first artist impression fo the LE 4700s were published.

In 2008, the LE 4700 designated EuroSprinter was handed over to the Potuguese national railways. It was the first Siemens electric representing the latest version of the Siemens EuroSprinter platform. The machines have Iberian gauge bogies (1668 mm), and a top speed of 140 kph. Their service domain includes both passenger and freight services. With an eye on the future, the LE 4700s electrical system can easily be adjusted for service under 3 kV DC voltage systems additionally, making it a multi-system machine which can also operate into Spain. Also its bogies can be converted to 1435 mm gauge later on.

The locomotives have a duration power of 4.600 kW. Less than the 6.400kW that has become the standard for Siemens EuroSprinter electrics during the past decade. This lower output was deliberately chosen, as it requires a smaller transformator, saving weight and costly metals.

Siemens was responsible for the complete construction of the first three machines, completed by the end of 2007. With those machines static and dynamic trails will be completed. LE 4701 arrived in Portugal early March 2008, after a long journey by road-transport. At the same moment the first kit (LE 4704) was delivered from Munchen-Allach to Emef, subsidiary of the CP and sub-contractor for assembly of the remaining 22 machines of this order. On 19.03.2008 the LE 4701 made its first public appearance, and the trial phase officially started for this new genereation electrics that will finally lead to a succesful introduction of these elegant EuroSprinters in regular services.

All machines are painted in a distinct red and white livery, designed by the CP, which was officially presented in October 2006. Curious detail is that according to the CP numbering scheme, designation LE 4600 should be assigned to these machines, as it is based on the duration power of the machines, but as this could become confusing as there is already a LE 5600 series, it was chosen to apply the LE 4700 designation.

In September 2006 the final design of the LE 4700 could be admired at the Innotrans 2006 International railway fair in Berlin, in scale 1:20...)

CP LE 4700: Technical specs  
technical specifications
CP LE 4700 series
product description asynchrone AC electric locomotive
production period 2007-2009
total number built 25
track gauge 1668 mm (1435 mm*)
traction converter
IGBT converter
number of axles
axle configuration
87 t
axle load 21,75 t
length of buffers
19.580 mm
power system
AC 25kV / 50Hz
140 kph
duration power rating
4.600 kW
tractive effort
300 kN
* prepared for future conversion to European standard gauge, possible with its wheelset exchange feature
CP LE 4700: Select your Locomotive:  
Siemens 21416 2007 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4701" 6 picture(s) available     graphics available  
Siemens 21417 2007 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4702" 6 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21418 2007 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4703" 1 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21419 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4704" 5 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21420 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4705" 4 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21421 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4706" 3 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21422 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4707" 4 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21423 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4708" 3 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21424 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4709" 6 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21425 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4710" 4 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21426 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4711" 2 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21427 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4712" 2 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21428 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4713" 4 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21429 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4714" 5 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21430 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4715" 9 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21304 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4716" 2 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21305 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4717" 3 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21306 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4718" 4 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21307 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4719" 1 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21308 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4720" 2 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21309 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4721" 5 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21310 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4722" 3 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21311 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4723" 2 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21312 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4724" 4 picture(s) available        
Siemens 21313 2008 ES 46 B1 Bo'Bo'-el CP  "4725" 1 picture(s) available